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Our  Mission, Vision and Values comprise of Simplicity, Transparency, Fairness and Integrity All our policies and decisions are based on these four basic premises. Our mission, vision and values says it all much better. QCS  mission is to do the right thing at the right time  to accomplish the right outcomes for our clients.  Our vision is to always focus  to add value to our clients assessment and  certification process.  It is not  only about finishing a project or getting a certificate. Yes, those things are important, but we do them in a fair way that is meaningful, valuable, transparent  and easy to maintain .If we have to put in some extra efforts to overcome some unexpected obstacles,  or to help out  our clients in a new project, we  will always get the job done. That is the way we always have and always will look at things.

 Accreditation from United Kingdom (Europe): QCS is fully accredited by ASCB (E) - UK-  certificate number 201807-04 as per ISO 17021- 1:2015. The certificate of accreditation to QCS by ASCB(E)-UK  proscribes accredited conformity assessment services under the auspices of ASCB(E) as defined within the scope of EU Regulation 765/08.  ASCB (Registered in England and Wales Reg No 3132143) was established in 1995 and  belongs from Global Accreditation Forum (GAF) an association of global accreditation regimes. To date ASCB has accredited over 90 certification bodies, registered over 3500 assessors, auditors and quality related personnel achievements; and certificated over 30,000 organisations.  To view QCS  accreditation certificate Please (click here):

Validate QCS  certificates from an independent  International register(IRQAO)  :  It is the same all over the world.  Consumers using  products or services from a  company for the first time want confidence.  All  bona fide certificated bodies, organizations and products by  credible certifying bodies are placed on the International Register of Quality assessed Organisation (IRQAO) with live search functions, providing the user with instant validation of the authenticity of any ASCB- UK and also other accredited certificate holders.

 Guaranteed Registration of certificates for full Certification Cycle :  It has often been seen  in recent times that end users of certification schemes  are greatly inconvenienced due to premature withdrawal of accredited certificates on account of sudden cancelation of ongoing   accreditation agreements between certification bodies and accreditation regimes.  Therefore it has become imperative for QCS   to protect the sanctity and validity of accredited certificates of our clients for the full certification cycle. Notwithstanding the expiry date of our accreditation document, all certificates issued by QCS Management Private Limited will be of accredited status for not less than three years from the date of the certificate issued to our clients and so advised to by ASCB(E)-UK. All such certificates holders are entitled to, and shall benefit from, ASCB(E) accredited listings and status on the international register for the full term or certification cycle.  To learn  more on IRQAO just click here:

Transnational Presence  : QCS has a wide global network of professional auditors from diversified specialization backgrounds, who are being controlled from our head office in India.  Therefore we are in a position to deliver a fast and economical services to our clients located anywhere in the world.

Wide scopes of accredited certification schemes:  QCS has a wide scope of accredited certification  schemes  to cater our clients needs  from any technical sector & being located anywhere in the world.We specialise for ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 45001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22000 asessemnt & Certification schemes.

Transfer of certificates: QCS has developed a cost effective formula namely Advanced Surveillance and Re-certification Audit Procedures (ASRP) for matured clients who have successfully  finished at least a three years certification cycle in any management system. ASRP gives more focus on targeted internal audits and management review with an intended objective to bring down the total audit man-days in a specific certification cycle ,which a CB otherwise spends for conducting onsite audits in clients business premises. Thus  ASRP helps to bring a substantial reduction in the  total cost and time spent by the clients on its certification process which can be better utilized for more productive purposes.For more details on ASRP  please contact us.

Professional development : Finally, QCS , as an organization, is committed to professional development and will keep up to date with current practices, information and training at all times in an effort to best serve our clients. We  also provide additional resources and trainings on International  standards.

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